Again, another moving.

I got a used ST8XME.
(İCleaning scene)
September/2014- We moved to a new place.
I cannot see the polar star from here which annoys me a little .

When I participated in "CAMP (An annual meeting of CCD Astronomy Network in Japan) '13" Mr. Uto lent me his camera "ST7-Elpis". It was originally parallel ST7, but then he modified main CCD KAF402 to KAF1603ME.
August/2010-May/2014 I came to the U.S with my husband's assign to American company. We will stay here for several years.

Mr. Yamada generously lent me his 21cm F6 Newtonian GOTO210.
Its stability is reliable and helps my photograph.
January/2002|March/2009 My house is near Tokyo Japan that has heavy light polution.


You can see a gold shim plate between the two units (ST-7XME and CFW-8a).
This is a brass plate which has been placed
so that a thin filter can be inserted through a slit opened in this plate.
The combination of SBIG red filter plus this thin filter (Fuji SC64, optical acetate film filter) enhances the red HII areas studded in galaxies effectively, as well as vivid blue.¨

There has been a difficulty to use ST-7XME in such area with heavy@light pollution: Some undulation tends to appear in background of theimages taken by this CCD.
The undulation is usually weak and unnoticed,
but it becomes pronounced with high background and poor S/N ratio, i.e.,@with the images taken in urban area.
In most of the cases, however, this@undulation can be reduced by Flat Flame process.¨