Background Stripe for rs-7wld  

Luminescencei10min~10, 20cm F6 Newtonianj

Background stripes are shown typically on the right side. 

After Dark Reduction

After Flat Field Reduction

- As shown, the stripes are not reduced completely.
  The residual stripes create much trouble at the following image processing stage. 

A Flat Field Image for ST-7XME

 - Background stripes are shown


Background Stripes for R, G & B Images (20cm F4 Newtonian)

- Hard to take perfect Flat Field and erase the stripes for each R, G & B images.




<For Reference>

A Flat Field Image for Ss7-d (ABG)

- ABG grid looks noisy but easy to reduce.
- No need to flat for R, G & B perfect images.